Meet "TWiceBorn" Cast


Hiroaki Tanaka

As Satoru Ichijo

Hiroaki Tanaka is a Japanese actor and singer born in 1992. He is known for his performance in the movie, Immortal Hero (2019, Nikkatsu) and The Real Exorcist (2020, Nikkatsu). This is his debut film as a main character. As a singer, he sang the feature song, "Immortal Hero -another version" in Immortal Hero. In this film, he sings the main song, "The road to Master". 



As Miho Tachibana

Yoshiko Sengen, formerly known as Fumika Shimizu, is a Japanese actress and singer born on December 2, 1994 in Tokyo. Yoshiko started her career in entertainment as an exclusive model for the magazine, “Love Berry.” She came into the spotlight when she played the heroine of Kamen Rider Fourze. Since then, she has been active in films, TV dramas, and plays. In 2015, she played the role of the main character’s classmate in Mare, NHK’s popular TV drama series. She also made her debut as a singer with the song, Nemurenu Yoru wo Koete [“Beyond the Sleepless Nights”], which she performed at the Tokyo Dome event. She also played the main role in the movie, The Last White Witch (2018, Nikkatsu) and sang the feature song, Yume no Jikan [“Dream Time”]. In 2020, Yoshiko won the Best Female Actor award at the 17th Monaco International Film Festival for her performance in The Real Exorcist. She sang the feature song, Himitsu no Henshin (“Secret Transformation”) in The Real Exorcist. In this film, she sings the insert song, Ai no Tsugunai ("Regretful Love").



As Chiaki Minase

Born in 1992, Nao Hasegawa is a Japanese actress. Her TV credits include Chūshingura no Koi (2017, NHK) and Nukemairu (2018, NHK). Her film credits include Ashita no Kimi e (2018, Star'zway), Immortal Hero (2019, Nikkatsu) and The Real Exorcist (2020, Nikkatsu).


Shiro Namiki

As Isobe Board Director

Shiro Namiki is a Japanese actor born in 1957. His TV credits include Oshin (1983, NHK), Ryōmaden (2010, NHK), Mona Lisa's Smile (2020, Fuji TV) and Shingan ~Keishicho Otakara Sousa (2018, TV Asahi). His film credits include, Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald (1997 Toho), The Glorious Team Batista (2008, Toho) and The Magnificent Nine (2016, Shochiku).


Shunsuke kubozuka

As Osamu Hinata

Born in 1981, Shunsuke is known for his performances in films, Seven Weeks (2014, PSC, TMentertainment), Hanagatami (2017, Escape Satou), Sukaburo (2018, Tunnel Films), Labyrinth of 38 (2019, KATSU-do) and his stage Hourouki at Theatre Creation (2015~2016).


Miyoko Yoshimoto

As Yumiko Nakamura

Miyoko Yoshimoto is a Japanese actress born in 1969. Her TV credits include popular dramas such as Aibou Season 12 (2014, TV Asahi), Hana Moyu (2015, NHK) and Jimi ni Sugoi! Kōetsu Girl: Kouno Etsuko (2016, Japan TV). She is also known for her performances in films, such as Friend Dragon Fish (1996, Asmik Ace, KADOKAWA HERALD PICTURES), TORICK: The Movie (2002, Toho) and The Confidence Man JP: The Movie (2019, Toho)



As Kimiyo Ichijo

Born in 1958, Yoshimi is a Japanese actress and singer. She is known for her performances in popular TV series such as Mito Kōmon (1979-2009, TBS /C.A.L), The Unfettered Shogun (1983-2001, ANB/Toei), Aibou: Tokyo Detective Duo (2014, TV Asahi/Toei) and Legal V (2019, TV Asahi). Her film credits include The Terrifying Revelations of Nostradamus (1994, Toei), 1 Liter of Tears (2005, Toei), I’m Fine, My Angel (2016, Nikkatsu) and Immortal Hero (2019, Nikkatsu).


Tamotsu ishibashi

As Nobutada

Tamotsu Ishibashi is a Japanese actor born in 1965. His TV credits include Kimi no Hitomi wo Taiho suru! (1988, Fuji TV), Fūrin Kazan (2007, NHK) and Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out (2015, Japan TV).